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My parents came down today and delivered his old 2005 (I thought it was a 2004) Dakota.  I also got to check out his new Ford Maverick.  It is a really cool little truck.  It is bigger than I expected.  It has a really nice design inside and out.  Ford did a real good job making a unibody SUV chassis look like a truck.  The interior has a quirkyness about it, but I really like it.  I like the real climate control knobs and buttons rather than the touch screen stuff on most cars/trucks.  The colors in the interior are odd, but I like it for some reason.  The only complaint I have is the angle of the infotainment screen.  It is straight up and down.  It needs to be leaned back a little and face the driver a little more.  I am impressed with the room in the back seats.  Dad let me drive it around the block and it drives nice.  It has a car like ride quality and the ecoboost seems more than adequate.  The poor engine looks like it's on life support with all the hoses, wires, etc.  If I were in the market for a new vehicle, I would heavily consider a Maverick.  Dad would like to have a new Dakota since his old one served him well, but Daimler, Fiat, Stellantis, etc. have about run Chrysler in the ground and haven't developed anything and dropped many product lines.

Dad sold me his old 2005 Dakota real cheap.  I am going to drive it some and let the kids drive it when the time comes.  It is still a really good truck and dad took good care of it.  It has the typical 4.7 driver's side exhaust manifild leak that goes away once it warms up.  The check engine light stays on, but Hacket Bros. in Murfreesboro says nothing shows up and it must be a glitch.  Dad backed into something and broke the driver's side taillight.  It has a cheap knock off taillight.  A guy also pulled out in front of dad a few years ago and messed up the grill, passenger side headlight, and bumper.  That was repaired and you'd never know it except for the driver's side headlight lense being milky.  It will be nice to have something to drive so I don't have to drive my Challenger or SS/T in the rain or drive them to Walmart.


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"Engine looks like it's on life support..."   LOL           I can hear the room full of Ford engineers in a high pressure, Emergency Room kinda tone.... one says "I can see a portion of the valve cover!"   Second one "here, put his 2nd Mass airflow sensor on it".   "I still see some valve cover!"   "Here, try another one!"

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