Ordered me another toy.

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Wow, only 5.5 years since anyone posted n this section.

So,  ordered a 2022 Z4 M4.0i. Because you cannot have too many 2 seaters. Just wanted a fun 3 season daily with strong performance and nice tech. Not sure when I'll get it. Dealer says worst case is 3 mo. Within two hours of ordering they had the chassis secured and then about an hour later it showed scheduled for production. Black w/ red interior. Coolest wheels and everything but radar cruise control. I hate radar cruise control.



Screenshot 2021-09-22 161721.png

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Good luck finding a Vette anywhere for that. And, I’m not a fan. Looks like a Pontiac Aztec boned a Ferrari 430.


I considered a bunch of stuff but this fit the bill for me. Had to be a convertible, not so hardcore couldn’t daily comfortably but still could be fast and fun. I also think these are great looking and have a much nicer interior than say a boxer.

also with used cars apparently being made of gold, buying new was the smart move. Also at a point in life where leasing makes sense on a higher end car and I was able to negotiate a very low money factor and drive out. 


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