What would you hypothetically build? Now with more CTS-V

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8 hours ago, Ashley P said:

Mike, what's the limit on the rear diff?  (I'm super impressed by the entire driveline.)

I'm not sure if it's been found with power.  There are full weight (4500+lbs) cars that have been 8's on a stock diff.  The most common failure is carrier bearings, but that can happen even with stock power.  When the bearing goes bad usually it ruins the gearset also.  I tore into mine when I had it out and the bearings looked fair (pics below).

I have a spare diff I bought that needs a carrier bearing and I have a whole set of bearings and seals for it.  I'll rebuild it soon and sit on it in case I need it down the road.



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9 hours ago, JohnC said:

Very nice!

So 9.5x's coming soon? :hyper:


We'll see.  The newest goal is 5.99 in the 1/8th.  I'm not sure if the blower I have now will do it, but I can keep porting until it does.

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