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  1. I've always thing for wagons. Ever since I set my eyes on my first 55 Belair Wagon, they've been hard to resist. With recent years' surge in popularity of F/Zs, the Fairmont, LTD and Zephyr wagons caught my eye. Especially since they are built on the Fox platform. So, I've been looking on and off for about 12- 18 months. Like most folks have experienced, I called about one I found on CL and missed it by mere minutes. Since then I'd check every couple of weeks. About 12 months ago I noticed a white Fairmont Wagon sitting in the driveway of a house on my way home from my kids' school. I pick them up a couple times a week and each time I drove by I think to myself, "That'd be a nice little project." I could see it was tagged and didn't give it much thought. That's until I started to notice either the owner was very particular about the spot he parked it or it wasn't moving. I started to drive by and look for anyone coming or going from the house. I saw no one. I also started noticing the house is literally falling apart. It looked just shy of being condemned. I watched (stalked) this house for months. I started to think the owner was an old man who passed or a dealer who got caught and was doing time. Seriously, it's that kind of a neighborhood. Well, just so happens I was driving by after picking up the kids last Tuesday, I finally saw a man walking his dog in the front yard. I whipped my truck in there on two wheels. Must have looked that way too because the guy looked like he was about to have a heart attack. I introduced myself and asked if he knew the owner of the wagon. He said, "That's me." I was starting to get a little amped. I was pretty direct and asked if he'd ever thought of selling. He seemed a little shocked and off put by the question. He said, "No. I've never thought of selling it." Paused. "But, I suppose I would." He said he wanted to talk to his wife to get her input. I gave him my number and told him to give me a call and let me know. To this point, I was being respectful of their property and had yet to approach the car having not seen anyone at the residence. I had no idea what shape it was really in. I didn't hear from him for the rest of the week and started to write it off. Then, I got a call from him on Saturday morning saying he'd like to talk to me about it and that they were willing to sell it if we could come a mutually beneficial selling price. I told him I'd be there Sunday afternoon to take a look at it and we'd discuss it. Sunday afternoon, my son and I drove over to get our first, up close look at the wagon. It was covered in mold and mildew from sitting for so long. It had multiple wasps' nest and spider webs everywhere. He said, "I know if you could start it that it'd run and drive. I replaced the battery, cables and alternator and still can't get it to hold a charge or start. But, for a 35 year old car, the interior's nice." He wasn't joking. My son (7) and I crawled all over and under the car. Sure enough, put the key in the ignition and all it did was click. I knew what it was immediately. I asked him what he wanted for it and about fell out. I couldn't get home to get the trailer fast enough. Here's a few pictures of the moment we got it home. The coolest part is what he gave me when I came to pick it up. He had the original manual and bill of sale for it. I'll post a picture of the BoS from the Ford Dealer in Franklin, TN later. I asked my son what he thought we should do to it. He said, "Make it like the orange car, dad. It needs to be loud and fast. But I want it to have heat and AC." So there's our plan. Loud and Fast... in comfort.
  2. Big ass Intercooler

    24x12x4 2.5" in and out end to end at intakes 31" Just Too Big for my use $ 80.00
  3. Brand new still in the box NOS System here are the links on summit's website. Here is the purge kit For someone on here sold Anyone else is sold
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