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  1. Random thought thread

    They bought out a previous employer of mine, worked under Auto Pro for a month to finish out a previous contract and after that I got the hell up outta there, even though I know how to do various things that they do, it's just wasnt justified for me to stay there with what I was paid per hour plus the owners a *****.
  2. Music City Grand Prix

    My work just did installs on 4 trucks they are using at the Grand Prix, 3 red used for fire suppression 1 white for Maintenance
  3. Random thought thread

    Brentwood huh, Auto Pro?
  4. Random thought thread

    Speaking of Camaros, have yall seen the next COPO Camaro for 2022?
  5. New Bike

    Have you done the seat mod I keep seeing on all the Metro PD Harleys, on it yet? If you arent sure I can tell you all it is.
  6. Random thought thread

    Its only stalled a couple times, oil was clean and still full the 2nd time I replaced the Actuator Solenoid, unfortunately my scanner only reads certain Live Data and doesnt read the solenoids themselves, I only get total timing degrees as they advance and retard. Also it cant do the command stuff
  7. Random thought thread

    @Ashley P 2012 Buick Verano 2.4L getting a p0011 after replacing the intake camshaft actuator solenoid twice 1st time to replace OE 2nd Time possibility of faulty new part What else should I look at/fix on this pos
  8. Random thought thread

    Ugh! How can FedEx be so damn shitty with their tracking and estimated delivery times???? I mean why say something that the label was created on March 15 in Northampton PA will arrive March 17 in Murfreesboro ?.........I dont see it happening at all unless it was flown by air.....Idiots I say
  9. Random thought thread

    52k what it went for looks like.
  10. Random thought thread

    its already at 9,500 with 12 hours to go.
  11. Random thought thread

    FWIW a high school friend of mine won Limited 235 there at Lights Out 12 ... with a Small Block Ford
  12. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    By looking at both, The 9005 is heavier in package weight so probably a bit more metal to it 9005 package weight is 3740 Lbs where the 5001 is 1750 Lbs
  13. Random thought thread

    ohhhhhk, Im gonna ask did this code start popping up around the same time fuel stations started pushing the 10% ethanol junk?? If so run all that out, clear out any codes, refill with 100% gasoline and run a few trips and see if it shows up again. Ive had three cars do that p0420 code with the first one the cats and o2 sensors were only 11 yes eleven miles old after being replaced found it didnt like the 10% junk
  14. The old Goat

    Disney's right on that. Because if you wait for those "Round To Its" it will turn into a "Should've Done It" i say this being one of my uncles had the same sentiment to an old Farmall tractor, fast forward he passed away and the tractor rotted to no repair.
  15. I Bought a Ford Raptor

    Kevin, I'm a little shocked at you havent looked here These can be made to fit others not listed