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  1. 2010 Camaro SS

    Hope so man, that thing has been nothing but bad news and as bad as its been bumming me out I cant even imagine how its treating you. Time to get right and be good finally. Matt
  2. 2010 Camaro SS

    Good luck! Hope it can be used, abused and enjoyed here soon. Matt
  3. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Heck no. I bought mine used and abused for dirt cheap. I really like the 2021's but wont be going there till they chill out. Hey Keith! Ill be at the HIll tonight if work goes well. The Exploder ST is a bad bad dude. I would love to have one! Matt
  4. Random thought thread

    Thats awesome! Ive been and will not hike anywhere near it, nope, no thanks. I drove up, looked and was in absolute awe and then saw some of the trails and said bye bye and left. Matt
  5. Random thought thread

    Let me know when you get it ironed out and we can make it happen! Im there most Tues...I usually am there every Tues but lately its been one thing or another keeping me away. Matt
  6. Random thought thread

    Im ALWAYS down to run with another Full-size...especially if its in the same ballpark time wise. Reg cab short bed right? Shouldnt take much to get that thing to blow all my doors off. Get it acting right and you likely wont need much of a shot to get there! Matt
  7. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    HA would love to but NOT for the power...but for the lack of stupid wastegate rattle LOL. These turbos have enough left in them to make another 100ish whp easily. Just need the fueling and supporting mods to get there. Matt
  8. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    HA Matt
  9. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Was hot hot hot last, 91* and the DA was right at 3500 but damned if the thing didnt kick off the night the same way it has the last couple times out...and damned if it didnt heat soak like a mother despite having a fan (worthless Dewalt job-site fan) on the intake when not hotlapping. Was watching trans temp on the dash to see if maybe that was the secret to consistency issues but its not the whole story I dont believe. Pass 1) 7.79 at 89.27 with a 1.72 60. New PB 60ft! Trans at 194* (Video) Pass 2) 8.16 at 85.50 with a 1.80 60. Hot lap, Trans at 208*, felt like a slug out of the hole. Wouldnt hardly turn the tires over when dusting them off Pass 3) 7.98 at 87.54 with a 1.77 60. Cooled down about 30-40 minutes with fan. Cruised the pits to cool the trans temps some. Trans at 198* Pass 4) 7.97 at 87.38 with a 1.76 60. Hot lap, launched in 2nd gear. Pass 5) 7.96 at 87.73 with a 1.76 60. 30 minute cool down, launch in 2nd gear. Pass 6) 8.15 at 86.53 with a 1.83 60. Shorter cool down. Launched in 2nd but it hesitated when I shifted from manual to drive Pass 7) 7.94 at 88.56 with a 1.82 60. 30 minute cool down, launched in 2nd. Wish I had launched in 1st this go around because I believe I woulda been on for a decent pass. I knew the passes wouldnt be spectacular BUT Im on a mission to find some sort of consistency with this thing. Ive gotten things much much closer than they used to be BUT I want to try and figure out how to get back to the first pass times and stay as near to it as possible. The little Dewalt shop fan was worthless, barely pushes any air at all so thats a flop. I drove around some to try and get the trans temps down and that really didnt do much. I tried the 2nd gear launch that some seem to like and was pleased with the results but not something I will likely do all the time without more experimenting. I can shove more RPM down its throat on the converter, make a little more boost BUT I forgot my laptop and couldnt datalog to see exactly how much. Ide say its not a terrible way to get some real consistent times because it comes out of the hole with alot les wheel hop/spin but even then it was kinda all over the place. I need a better battery powered fan option and/or I need to make a pass and either let it sit for an hour or take it for a drive outside the track and come back which I believe Im gonna try next time. Either way, I spanked on another Catfish, this one with a rowdy sounding cam and some radials and got my butt handed to me the rest of the night by trailered drag cars . Still had a handful of people come over and talk about how unexpectedly quick the truck is and thats always fun. On pass 2 my hat disappeared and I looked all over the ground, under the seats etc and I found it in the back seat. I thought...hmmmm, dont remember putting that there but maybe I did. I checked the GoPro this morning and saw that it flew off the dash, skipped across the console and into the back seat on launch which was pretty entertaining to say the least. Mystery solved and Im not (quite) going mental. Matt
  10. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Been way more than a little while BUT... Cl Cliffs notes, new input shaft, cluster gear, (good) bearings all around, new bearing retainer, polished both shift shafts and shimmed to PROPER specs. I never really did figure out what caused the issue (tho I now have a solid thought...more on that later) but I noticed one bearing was kinda wrecked so after a couple consultations with Disney I went ahead and ordered up all new Timken tapered bearings and races to replace the cheaper bearings that I had in it originally. I was able to get the input shaft super quick but the correct counter gear took months to show up and I completely lost momentum and interest. It all finally showed and sat on my bench for a bit and I finally decided to clean up a spot on the bench and get to work. Took my time, cleaned everything the best I could and made sure there wasnt anything else noticeably out of place or damaged and made extra certain to get everything within spec. I ordered a new bearing retainer for the input shaft as mine had the slightest bit of wear to it that made the throwout bearing have a small hiccup when sliding it along. Tossed it in with the same shim that came out of the other one and noticed quite a bit of play which made me pause. I put the old retainer back on and it was identical. Did some research and realized that I very well may have been the reason this thing came apart all along. To the best of my rememberance, I reused the bearing retainer and shim from the old T5 which was not a Z and had needle bearings in the input shaft rather than a race and tapered bearing. I either 1) had some endplay which was OK for a normal T5 but is a NO-NO for a Z or 2) Whoever rebuilt it originally didnt press the bearings on fully somewhere on the mainshaft and it fooled me into thinking I had 0 endplay and I went with it. Both are plausible but my brain is fairly convinced #1 is the right answer. Either way, I talked over my measurements and got a plan of attack/bit of confidence from Disney and shimmed everything to as near perfection as I can get it and I now believe that it is correct and ready to go. Only way to find out is to get the car in the air and get it under there! Matt
  11. New Wheels

    The 2013-14 style GT500 wheels are the same as Disney posted but do what you like except Ive never seen them with a Chrome lip. GREAT looking wheels tho I love em. Matt
  12. New Wheels

    Those look amazing on the Lincoln tho, the right shade of dark grey to compliment the black without being over the top. Most any wheel color would look good on that car tho so long as its the right wheel and that wheel is spot on. Matt
  13. New Wheels

    I got sick of the black wheel trend and then got black wheels tho I wanted some Bronze/gold ones. Now-a-days I'm less sick of the black trend especially if they are GLOSS black, that does it for me. Flat sucks and satin is meh unless super clean but gloss is what's up. Matt
  14. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    I love tractor/sled pulls. Ive seen some street class style pulls that have been really interesting to watch and see what does what. Often times tho I feel like He who cares the least about his drivetrain drags the furthest in those things. Matt
  15. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    For sure, its mind blowing to me still but its why I decided that IF I was gonna ditch the 90's F series idea and go new, it would have to be a 4x4 3.5 Ecoboost. If I had mucho mod money Ide get a gen 3 Coyote truck, add blower and a good tune and Ide be set BUT for cheap, you cant beat this thing...and many cant. There was a Tesla model 3 dual motor out there running 7.3's. My Buddy's model 3 long range (slowest Tesla made) is a mid to low 8 car. The Lightning boast a 4 sec 0-60 but Im betting that number will be less when they hit the streets and people start playing with them. My truck is right there so Im thinking that unless they are WAY heavier than expected, they will be quicker than that. Fun thing is I have nothing to prove. I always go hunting for higher class prey at the track and in the Shelby that was tough because everything out there that was above me was way quicker than me...and often cost more than double and I was always looking out for 2018+ 10 speed blower GT's (that also cost way more than me). Now I am the underdog in every race and if I lose, oh well but if your in a car thats even SLIGHTLY sporty then you shouldnt be losing to a full size truck on all terrains with baby seats in the back...but it happens often! Im having a ton of fun with this thing in this season of life and appreciate the fun times its provided and look forward to the next adventure. Actually...I take that back, the next adventure is a bed full of mulch this afternoon to redo the beds. Damn. Matt