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  1. Random thought thread

    IMO, a better shot.
  2. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    Eaton panel, but same difference. Years ago the some of the buss bars had a divot in the center for the single/double breakers and only those breakers could be used in those specific spaces, like 4 or 6 total, but may not be the case now after looking at my friends panel with the 900 single/doubles. I never did pull the cover off and actually look at the buss bars FYI, you can not use the single/doubles to get 220 though as they are both on the same buss bar/phase. Some people I have known didn't know this.
  3. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    That I don't know as there was a bunch of other work done.
  4. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    The other option is a subpanel in the garage.
  5. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    Well yes and no. you currently only have 2 of the single space double circuit breakers. A couple more circuits could be converted over to these breakers to give you 4 empty spaces. There is however a limit but I'm not sure what it is now, a friends house had about half the panel of these and had to replace the panel to add a few more circuits.
  6. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    Hope you have some empty space in your panel as I'm guessing you will need 2-220v breakers, one for the lift and another for a compressor or electric car.
  7. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    Just funny that Greg Smith is bashing Chinese lifts when the Atlas stuff I'm pretty sure is from China.
  8. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    Note, I believe most of Greg Smith equipment is from China.
  9. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Try increasing your air pressure, had to do that with both sets of my Terra-Grapplers. I used 40psi but they both were load range E tires, most half tons are load range C. The truck felt squishy when they were lower.
  10. Random thought thread

    Welp.... Played with it more today, 1 hard pull and looking at some live data it threw another code and made it permanent, can't remember what it was but it didn't like it when I was switching around live data as it threw the VSA light on. Turned it off, cleared codes, the p04020 was still permanent along with the other one. drove around a bit and checked it back at the stored codes and the 2 permanent codes were cleared too. but the EVAP readiness was still pending. Ran it though Marta though and passed.... so Last time it went 10 miles and reset the p04020.
  11. Random thought thread

    Doing some poking and history..... B1 is 1/3/5........1/3/5 was re-ringed under warranty in 2016 because of So...i need to look at the live data more and research as some of this is new to me, but the car was draining the oil pan in about 2k miles at the time. It took almost a year of pestering the dealer to cover it. I'm not really shocked if it needs a B1 cat as I know it was oil soaked for quite a while.
  12. Random thought thread

    Cleared the codes this morning and after a drive cycle: Perm: P0420 Stored: P0420 Pending: P0420 Had a P0430 and another one before I cleared them but it never came back after a drive cycle, =/- 10 miles.
  13. Random thought thread

    Mainly the o2 live data of the aforementioned Honda. Dealer said cat, 3 years ago, but the light would be random, come on and go off going down the interstate. I think the rear o2 was replaced which fixed it for a bit but came back at random. Usually wait until the MIL was off and run it through Marta, but it seems that it isn't going off this time. I didn't see any obvious wiring issues when I was under it, but I don't exactly fit under it with ramps. I can't remember what the code was in it, too long ago, I think it was something like rear o2 low voltage.
  14. Random thought thread

    Grr, it looks like model numbers differ between retailers......
  15. Random thought thread

    Anyone mess with an Autel MX808? Looking at scan tools again, not sure I want to pop for a bi-directional unit. Ashley, what do you use in the shop?