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  1. God, Guys, and Gears

    Ashley, I might be able to get some funding and participation to do a scaled-down version. Maybe something in conjunction with Idols Aside?
  2. God, Guys, and Gears

    Check this out! I heard about this ministry on a podcast, today, and it has me excited. This is down in yall's neck of the woods. It is overseen by Longhollow Baptist Church. I'm grateful for the men that invested in me, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and we all know young men that we could do the same for. God Guys and Gears
  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving, guys! We all have much for which to be thankful! I'm thankful for your friendships.
  4. Ragland Boys Race and Repair Shop Truck

    Now, with a new job that is only 40 hours/wk, and having every Friday off, maybe I can find some time to play in the garage with the truck and the Nova.
  5. Ragland Boys Race and Repair Shop Truck

    This summer's purchases: BTR Stage 2 cam, 3200 stall, headers, locker unit, aluminum radiator and electric fan, and I just order some traction bars from VA Specialties. They have the adjustability of Caltracs, but you don't have to remove the leaf springs to install.
  6. The virus

    Ashley, I can't say how glad we were to see you guys back at church, Sunday. Hagen would've been extremely happy having John and Ross back in the media booth. He was filling in for them. Matt, we are praying for you guys, brother. Ashley and I have a good buddy that is in the hospital with it. He and his wife were both taken by ambulance. She ended up on a ventilator, but has recovered and went home, yesterday. He is on a high volume of oxygen. The doctors say that they can't do anything more, medically, for him, and that its up to his body to recover. He's doing better, but his sister told me that it will be at least another 3 weeks before they release him.
  7. Random thought thread

    My wife and I drove from Paducah to Columbus, OH, once, but it was by ourselves and not pulling anything, and it was still a haul. Magnolia travels really well, but it would be tough on her. You have nerves of steel, brother.
  8. Random thought thread

    Out of curiosity, and maybe I missed it, but why did the Camaro take a field trip to OH?
  9. Southeastern Truck Nationals

    Here are some pictures, that a dude took, from the Southeastern Truck Nationals. (I did not take the pics.) Mrs. Raceall and I went, and it was a great show. Over 1300 trucks. Pictures
  10. Summer 2021 events

    I'm planning on hitting: Southeastern Truck Nationals, at the Wilson Co. Fairgrounds - July 9-10th LSFest Moparty (A buddy of mine bought a Challenger a few months ago, so he and I may go.) C10 Nationals at Nashville Super Speedway ProTouring Truck Shootout at Bowling Green in November We will be having another Horsepower On The Hill, at our church, towards Fall.
  11. Horsepower On The Hill

    The Hemi car was actually a 383 car. The guy, that the owner bought it from, put the Hemi in it. He did it all date correct. I would say that the Audi was probably the most rare. The International had a 5.3 in it. LOL All in all, it was a successful event. We were able to raise over $200 for Idols Aside Ministries (Look them up! It will be worth your time!), and have a ton of fun hanging out. It will happen again.
  12. Horsepower On The Hill

    I would bet there will be a Honda named Lafawnda in the lot.