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  1. Beech Bend Raceway, Who's Going?

    here is almost all the runs down the track from a 5 hr time slot down to 1.5 hours including a coolant wash down of the right lane I left there and drove to Buffalo valley , low turn out and a guy broke an axle crashed and 90 w both lanes ,
  2. Beech Bend Raceway, Who's Going?

    They were trying to run in like a 5 hour window And got off about 30 minutes of actual racing
  3. Beech Bend Raceway, Who's Going?

    I will be there Just as a spectator and to video
  4. RC Toys

    I went down the RD airplane rabbit hole for about 20 years Eventually sold everything off about 4 years ago Couldn't keep up with this the changes in technology all my stuff was dated So I just moved out of that and into other hobbies But I did have a whole garage full of planes at 1 time probably about 30 this was back in the nitro days
  5. 2 Post Car and Truck Lifts

    What did this 4 post cost, installed If you don't mind saying
  6. Summer 2021 events

    Seems like the events calendar died last year Would like to know more on what is going on this summer Post up events that you are interested and/or are going to
  7. New Shop goes up today

    this is a visual representation of most of the Junk I drag home
  8. Broke the hot side cherry today

    Current state Straighten out some of the rough spots Initial prime on hold and cowl should be about a month of sanding before color Color is still up in the air for discussion
  9. New Shop goes up today

    Why I think I need a 4 post
  10. New Shop goes up today

  11. New Shop goes up today

    At this point after the shop and the pool I may need a gofundme for the electric and the lift