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  1. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    hehe im currently chopping on the 69...Drivers floor was toast....I also picked up a 53...F-250....Sitting on an 01 Crown Vic P71 4.6L V8.........That also needs some rust repair and well redneck engineering fixes. I actually drove it home, with out a driver side window in 30 degree weather Saturday morning.....Needless to say i was cold
  2. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Well. Since i have 2 Fastback now...I Put the 68 up for sale. It now belongs to a guy named Lucas in the BORO
  3. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    The 69: Ive installed a 70s Shaker hood from KY Mustang, A shaker Setup, New Hood Trim, LED Headlights, and led light bulbs indie. Before pulling the interior out I wanted to start building a center console with fiberglass bottom and 3d printed inner portion. This way, I can test with the carpet in it and get the fitment pretty well down. Now with the carpet out, I fine what I expect, tin and rivets!!! UGH!!!! Luckily it seems to only be the drivers side pan so it wont be too hard to replace. The 68: Its pretty much all together minus a few pieces of rubber. Yesterday i was troubleshooting electrical issues as my turn signals wouldn't work while the car was running. Think I had a bad ground as the LED flasher module wouldn't completely tighten, plus the 1 wire alt was wired up with a 12awg wire so I swapped that for a 4awg wire. I also ran it out of fuel, so i emptied about 1 gal out which apparently is the Empty point where the car wont run. Either way, I finally installed a new sending unit (Took 2 attempts for proper seal) and put 3 gals of gas in her. She is running and the gauge is finally getting some reading....Pretty sure this has a 22 gal tank in it but the old sender was trash...A brand new tank with a rusty sender minus the filter......POS people....I also put her up for sale on FB as i really don't need to have 3 Mustangs lol......
  4. The old Goat

    Thats just awesome
  5. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    So been busy and still haven't got back to work on the 65. I did just paint my 68 and also bought a 69
  6. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    doesnt even matter now. Sold the 73 today
  7. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    So today I took the 73 out for about a 20 min drive down to MT Pleasant. My buddy and I took off all the brackets and replaced the water pump. Left all the AC brackets off...I'm done with crap that doesnt work and gets in the way. On the drive home apparently we didnt have the top hose connected tight enough because it blew off and after all that the battery was weak. So a jump start and some water got me home. Ordered a 1wire 100amp alt, new belts, and will flush the radiator out and put new coolant in.
  8. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Went to the All Mustang and Ford car show in Mt Juliet today. Man there were some nice stangs out there....I actually drove a 67 galaxie out there for my buddy while he drove his 67 Shelby GT 350 clone. Fun times.....Lots of cool fords
  9. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    I feel better about it after yesterday. A friend came over yesterday and really thought it was probably the overflow getting into the fan. So ive ordered an overflow tank so i can at-least eliminate that. Also need to replace the water pump line but that is tough to get too stupid AC system. I may just try to remove all the AC stuff anyway. That way i get it out of the way
  10. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    I hate thie MF!!!##$#(@_(J#RO{OFSMF:ADO 73 Mustang.....Did an oil change and took her for a drive. Got it warm and slammed the petal up to 60mph and started to see smoke. Turns out i have another coolant leak. I just cant win with this damn car
  11. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    not sure how it compares to the mirror setup but ive always painted the inside of light fixtures white to enhance the lighting.good work though
  12. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    ITS back up and running properly. New Plugs, New PCV, New Vacuum lines, Valve covers, and now she doesnt stall out when put in gear. Still have to loosen the bolt on the transmission linkage. The leak is still gone but its not quiet going into gear right because it go over tightened. Actually popped back into neutral a couple times while i was driving