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  1. treasure find

    Thanks Tino, but im not sure what car im going to put it on yet I am using it for a room decoration right now right beside my drag radials and old nitrous bottles dont know if I will need a spacer.
  2. treasure find

    Its some kind of high heat paint, my friend that did it said it should hold up to anything but a blow torch.
  3. treasure find

    Thanks Guys
  4. treasure find

    Finished product
  5. foxbody subframe connectors

    UPDATE Got the subframe connectors on could not tell much of a difference car felt about the same, Installed heavy duty maximum motorsport lowers on the rear did have stock rear control arms made a major difference car does not jump to the side when barking second and feels alot different going around turns does not have to settle then turn just immediately turns and does not jerk coming out of turns. Feels like dead stop digg hooks alittle better maybe not a big difference there. I am really happy with the arms.
  6. treasure find

    The spacer all I can make out is a 5-2. I think I might just leave the dent it doesnt look like its not through at all. So far my plan is to get the upper painted back the origanal silver. I already have a motorsport cobra on the red car I believe I can just unbolt the upper and install this to the cobra lower.
  7. treasure find

    Questions do you think the lower is ported? What size throttle body its this? Do you think the dent in the front of the top plenum will be a problem? I am thinking about letting a friend paint the upper should I leave the dent in it or try to get fixxed?
  8. treasure find

    I ran up on this a friend had sitting in a garage for 20 years or more. Not sure excactley what I got here hoping yall can help.Gt-40 for sure,
  9. I am thinking about getting the camaro out to checkout the cruise in july 3rd. Never took the car to a cruise in before. I hope this is a pretty cool seen. Any body think they might be getting out would like to see everybodys projects.
  10. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    I got the E in the red car, It has a great lope I like letting it idle through parking lots romp,romp,romp going about 5mph with the dynomax muffers really low tone. Black car has stock cam with quitest mufflers I could find you can barely tell the car is actually running.
  11. I would like to see this also. I would like to have a nice big mph supercar and run some of those 1/2 mile races looks like alot of fun. The cars I have are hard enough to keep going as it is though.
  12. How do you think that race would go from a dig cookmaster. You think he would beat you at the clarksville track.
  13. Call outs! Place your bets now!

    Ohhh well set it up some other time JohnC. Im out
  14. Call outs! Place your bets now!

    I spent all day getting this car ready dont rain now