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  1. Random LS parts

    I’m in Murfreesboro.
  2. Random LS parts

    25$? ARP 134-1102 Header Bolt Kit
  3. Random LS parts

    I’ve got some stuff leftover from the Cadillac rebuild. Most of it is used with around 100k miles but have some brand new felpro head gaskets and exhaust manifold arp bolts. I’ll update the thread as I go. LS6 cam with around 100k miles. Little bit of surface rust on one end. Not sure what they’re worth anymore. Engine stand. $25 New melling m295 oil pump
  4. Cadillac CTSV Build

    Drove the car for the first in time pretty much 7 years yesterday. It’s thrown a couple of codes but new engine, clutch, and everything seems to be working well. Put a new radiator in it yesterday before we took it out. Need to get HP tuner to recognize my wideband and replace wheel speed sensor but only minor things to do at this point.
  5. Cadillac CTSV Build

    Man I wish that was my shop. I think it’s around 30x40 or possibly 40x40. Been meaning to ask him. It’s my wife’s cousins house off couchvillle pike. He’s got enough room to store his boat, mower and 4 wheeler on one side and still had enough space for my car and all it’s junk plus all of his tools on the other side. He was a semi diesel mechanic who worked his way into the front office of a major logistics company so he’s got tons of tools. He had the concrete specd for a lift on the boat side. He mentioned getting one a few times while we were working on the V. Would’ve made things a lot easier.
  6. Cadillac CTSV Build

    The V is finally ready to hit the road. Got the exhaust clamped up until I get it welded. Still haven’t had a chance to put any miles on it after my son was born on Jan 22 and a weeklong nicu stay, work going crazy and then the icepocalypse. Hopefully be able to start breaking the engine in next week and get this thing back home.
  7. Cadillac CTSV Build

    Car moved under it’s on power earlier. Need to bleed the clutch more and a few minor things but she’s almost ready. My son was born on Jan 22nd so haven’t had much time lately to get it all done. Biggest issue is finishing out the exhaust. The headers are much longer than the stock manifolds and need to have a couple of bends made and welded up. Anyone know anybody that does exhaust work! Don’t care if it’s shop or side work as long as it’s quality.
  8. Random thought thread

    Anybody have any recommendations for an exhaust shop? May need to have a couple of bends/welds made to finish out the exhaust if we can't make it work. Does anybody know anyone who does 3D printing? Would like to mount my wideband using the factory ashtray/cigarette lighter tray.
  9. Cadillac CTSV Build

    Reflashed the car last night and it idles much better. Not sure if it didnt write to the ecm or what. Need to get the driveshaft back in and the exhaust buttoned up and she will be ready to hit the road again. Planning on getting that stuff done on Sunday and it all goes well and my son hasnt made his debut then I will run it through emissions on Monday.
  10. Cadillac CTSV Build

    Tried to upload the video but this will have to do.
  11. Cadillac CTSV Build

    I was almost ready to take you up on the 60lbers and then they finally showed up. We fired the car up for the first time last night and everything sounded good. Oil pressure was a little lower than I liked but it was cold and that oil looked like sludge when I filled it up so we'll what it looks like when it's had a chance to run for more than a few minutes. Didn't want to idle and had no gas pedal with the ls2 tb. Swapped the original back on and everything worked again and could give it a few revs.
  12. Cadillac CTSV Build

    Engine is in and just about ready to go. Picture is a couple of weeks old but the knock sensors, harness, plugs/wires and headers are on. At least two plug wires sit directly on the headers so I'll need to wrap them or figure something out. Need to get the intake manifold and fuel rails on but new fuel pump is in. Transmission is still out of the car but that will be the next to go in. Ordered 42lb injectors from Brian Tooley but haven't heard anything since I ordered on the 15th and I'm afraid they are going to hold everything up. Waiting on their response but may need to find injectors soon if anybody happens to have a set of stock ls1/ls6 injectors. My old injectors are shot form sitting. Should have seen some of the old fuel that came out of the lines.
  13. Cadillac CTSV Build

    Made a little progress over the last couple of weeks. Getting close to getting the engine back in. Still cleaning and preparing everything and getting parts in. Old fuel pump is out and tank has been drained.