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  1. Renewing my 08' Silverado

    I want to see it make a good pass down the dragstrip.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving
  3. Random thought thread

    6.5 liters, v12, 1000hp, naturally aspirated
  4. Beech Bend Raceway Nov 6th, Who's Going?

    How did it do @JohnC
  5. Random thought thread

    @JohnC you still have hptuners? Can you delete the AFM off my green truck
  6. Happy Bday To

    Thanks man
  7. What are your ET goals this year?

    I'll try next week Tuesday. I got to replace the oil pan gasket. It has a small oil leak. What time are you heading out to bowling Green @JohnC. I should have the gasket fix Friday night
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  9. What are your ET goals this year?

    Matt gonna see my taillights
  10. What are your ET goals this year?

    If I can run a 7.9 I'll be happy
  11. Random thought thread

    @JohnCI thought me and @Ashley P were picking it up for you We had the go-pros ready
  12. Random thought thread

    Truck runs good the transmission is the problem. I got to let off so it can shift. Transmission is on it's last leg. But I'll down to hangout for a bit and make some passes
  13. Random thought thread

    If yall go let me know. I'll go watch and maybe race.
  14. The virus

    I tried using the one JohnC posted but there is so much goings-on on that site that my phone doesn't let me scroll around
  15. The virus

    Are cases going down? I tried looking it up but my map won't update. It shows 0 but been showing 0 for almost a week And I'm using the Google cases/map