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  1. new guy from Murfreesboro

    Very cool cars!!
  2. Roll Racing

    I only roll race. Don't have the funds at this time for new clutch,diff. , trans., and axles
  3. Newbie

  4. People with quick cars step inside please

    I am in. Mine does 6 sec in the 1/16th of a mile.
  5. For Sale: Precision PT88

    Will that include instalation lol?
  6. Happy Birthday to...

    Happy birthday from another ls owner.
  7. New old guy

    Nice collection. Welcome. I don't remember the name. I remember tooslow though.
  8. Random thought thread

    Good Ole times
  9. Happy Birthday Higherpowerracing

  10. Noob

    Needs nitrous
  11. 2003 Terminator Value

    Terminator best looking stang period.
  12. My LONG term project
  13. Random thought thread

    Talk to Jesse on the td or 660 fb group
  14. Random thought thread

    Better! Not joking.
  15. Happy Birthday Cody

    Happy belated birthday