Anyone know about big rig racing?

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Apologies in advance if this post is out of place, but I'm trying to get some information on the world of big rig racing - either street or track.


I work for an international production company and we are hoping to develop a new show around big rig racing. We're in the early stages of research and I'm hoping someone here can provide some information about this world. We'd love to talk to anyone who is involved in the revival of the Great American Truck Race Series, people who help customize rigs for races, or anyone who actually competes in races currently.


Any information would be extremely helpful - you can reach our casting team by emailing



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I remember seeing big rig racing when I was a kid in the early 80s. They used to run on some of the NASCAR tracks like the old Atlanta speedway and Bristol. Remember one guy wrecking and the rig literally jumped the inside wall between the track and pit road!!! Haven't heard of any happening her lately here in the states but they have Super Semis pulling in the NTPA nowadays...

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