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If resizing the pic doesn't work, can you clear your browser cache and refresh your app/browser that your using to view the forum on?

let me know what happens. :up:

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@Tino Let me check with IPB folks, but I think it is because the images we're pulling off our phone, the full size ones, might be too big of a file size to upload. 

Like I have some pictures that are the same size, for instance all are 1280x1620px, but depending on the detail in the pics, some can be over 2mb, so the ones over 2mb won't upload because the server size limit for uploads I believe is 2mb. 

The image file size upload limit to the server is set by our host and I have zero control over that. I believe I have our image size limit on the software side set to unlimited.

Just for shits and giggles, can you open the image in your phone image editor, re-size it or crop it down a little to see if it will post?  That could give me a hint of what's going on if it posts it after editing the size.

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10 hours ago, Tino said:

LS swap time? 

No, that will never happen, not in any of my cars, this was rebuild from one of the pistons breaking.

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