Renewing my 08' Silverado

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Thought about a new truck even though I really love mine. After looking at what new trucks cost and what used are bringing I decided to do some much needed tlc. So because Ohio she got some rust in the fenders and rockers. Had a friend replace the rockers,remove the dents, paint what was needed. Just sealed the rear fender rust and if it gets worse I'll just get a new bed. For now not to worried as inner box and fenders are mint. Then he wet sanded and buffed it out. De-badged it too. Hasn't looked this good since I got it back in 2012.

Have a complete Texas Speed stage 2 truck cam kit for it with DOD delete sitting on the shelf and new headers and exhaust as well. Once I get the Vette back from its cam swap Ill take this one in. 235k miles and looks like it's going to stick around for another 200k.










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Got see what the cam and headers do for it but yeah, have been looking at the turbo  kits. 

think I will do gears first. Plan on new wheels and slightly bigger tires next spring and need it to still pull a trailer. 4:10s would make it much better.

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