1 year, 1 month and 9 days later its home..

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A little over a year and a month passed since ordering. It actually rolled off of the line 1yr, 1mo and 1day after the order date.  I picked it up Thursday afternoon and trailered it home and beat the remnants of laura that was passing through.   Im ready for it to not rain so I can actually drive it lol.   It was untouched from the factory so ive been removing the wrappers and installed the gurney flap.  I  need to install the oil separator, front splitter and dive planes. I finished paint correction and what little iron was in the paint has been removed and I have ceramic coated it.  I need to get the wheels swapped over, not a huge fan of the oem, replacing with a brushed finish signature wheel. I am also tinting the windows tonight or tomorrow.   That is about the limit of the mods on this one.  




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39 minutes ago, JohnC said:

Sick! :yum: 

I love that color, too! :love:

How much was it out the door?

Dealer mark it up? 

Msrp no markup.  Ive bought everything since 2008 from them. They have always taken good car of me. Glad to see they value the loyalty.  

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On 8/30/2020 at 11:01 PM, COSWORTH said:

I doubt i take this one to the track. Already ruined one to go racing :lol:


We all start out thinking that way. :lol:

But the mod bug will bite. :yes: 

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Not true.  Especially on a car like that.  Other than window tint and a separate set of wheels/tires for it, it stayed in it's as-delivered form.   Likewise wiht the Raptor.  Maybe I'm just getting old or maybe the new cars factory performance is just that good.

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