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So after moving into the new house, I decided to go through and fix/refresh and convert my fleet.

My Traxxas Slash got an upgrade from brushed to brushless power back in 2010 but the speed control fried shortly after so it sat dormant until a few months got a new Hobbywing quick run speed control and new 2.4ghz radio system.

My Traxxas T-Maxx Nitro got a complete overhaul and conversion to Brushless electric and havent looked back, its an absolute blast to run and be able to drive over my sons 1/18 scale and keep rolling.

This left my Associated RC10GT2 which found to be hard to find parts for so It got stripped and parted in favor of a new scratch build.

The new build starts with suspension from my Rustler I broke in half in 2013 and a LCG Slash Chassis this essentially will give me the end result of a Low Center of gravity Rustler stadium truck or short course truck whichever I feel to need/want to run. I plan on running a 3200Kv brushless motor and 80A Speed Control in this one along with a new 2.4ghz radio system as well.

Ill get pictures up of everything later on and in progress shots of the new one.

plus I also picked up a Parkzone F27C Stryker plane as well being my Blade helicopter bit the dust. Thats been my RC fun lately

What are ya'll working on?

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I need to figure out the brushless system in my Axial Bomber.  It just randomly quit initializing.  I recovered my big gasoline powered plane a few months ago.  We had a float fly-in a couple weeks ago.  Flying off water is a blast.  I need to get out and run my crawlers.  


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Nice, I saw about the Float Fly via Family Hobbies where I got the Stryker, havent had it in air yet except for quick zip around the yard.

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