FREE M'boro: 4x8 particle board, jack pad, AC service hoses

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Cleaning out the garage. This stuff is in Murfreesboro, you come get it or I throw it away.

3/8" thick 4x8 sheet of particle board in great condition. I also have some scraps!

Air conditioner service hoses, probably from when I was trying to get AC working on a 1988 Civic. Does not include assortment of women's shoes (barely seen below), but it might because I could probably throw some in and no one would know they were missing. ¬_¬

Jack pad for vehicles with pinch welds. The bottom diameter is 4". Searching part number ABN 0624 should get more details.

Just remembered that I probably also have some heat wrap (I think DEI brand) and I know I have the spray to go along with it but the can felt a bit light. I'll need to check on what's left of that and update.

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