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As you may have seen in the Lounge recently, I got the chance to pick up a pretty cool car. It's a 2001 Pontiac Firebird Formula. I bought it from my brother in law as proxy from his dad. The car belonged to his father, Bill Sturch, since new. Bill was the Sheriff of Bryan County Oklahoma and he bought and used this car as his patrol car. I don't have any pictures of it outfitted with everything, I need to see if Bill has any that he can find (or remember as he has Alzheimer's). When I bought it, he had already removed all of the police equipment except some strobes that were installed into the fog light housings.


I got the car literally out of his barn where it has sat untouched for the last 5 years. I wanted to get it cleaned up, so I just went with a wash then clay bar, then polished, then some carnuba wax. Don't let any of that fool you though, the paint still looks rough up close. It's got a lot of rock chips up front and fine scratches all over, the result of frequent washing by free county labor in pinstripe suits. I shot some Simple Green on the engine and it cleaned up nicely. It was mostly just dirt and dust on the engine as it seems like it's still sealed up tight after all these years. Interior needed nothing. Just some light cleaning. I did spend a decent bit of time cleaning the wheels/tires and the brakes. I put new brakes up front (rotors and pads) and cleaned everything up with elbow grease. Same with the exhaust tips. I spent way too much time bringing them back to their original luster.


The engine, trans, rear, etc. etc... All appear to be 100% original. Even the original shocks and struts are still on the car. Amazing considering it has 260,000 miles.  The car drives great too! Yes, you can tell the shocks are shot, but otherwise, it really drives great. Best I can tell, everything works 100% as it should. I had one of the emissions check valves leaking and replaced it with an OE part and it's all working as expected. 


My research tells me this is somewhat of a rare car. http://www.transamworld.com/2001-breakdown.htm

2001 Firebird Formula LS1


2.73 rear

Hard Top

Arctic White

Black cloth interior

Unfortunately, I don't think it matters a whole lot. I think it's rare because nobody wanted this particular combination so Pontiac didn't build many. My buddy had a T/A and tells me it's sought after, but I still doubt it.


So, after cleaning and maintenance, it's ready to sell off. I'll probably try to Ebay the car to get a wider audience as I suspect the one person who really want's this car probably isn't scouring Nashville Craigslist. I'll see if I can upload some pics. They are probably all too big, but i'll see what I can do!




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