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2004 Mustang GT

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Hey folks. It’s been a while since I’ve been around. My name is Casey and I’m from Murfreesboro.

I’ve been into cars and Mustangs since I was young  I’ve had 9 so far, with my last one being a ‘99 Cobra convertible that I got rid of during a divorce about 4 years ago.


Fast forward a few years and I have two beautiful daughters and twin boys due next month. We had recently downsized to one vehicle, a Honda Odyssey and I have been tired hitching rides when my wife is out so we..um I mean I...decided that I could pick up a used Mustang as my daily and weekend car and this is what I ended up with. 


It’s a 2004 Mustang GT with 155000 miles. Mods are:


SR Springs

SLP longtubes

SLP Catted X

SLP Catback

18x9 18x10 FR500s


The bad stuff is all cosmetic/minor. Needs some bodywork, some interior pieces etc. Just brought it home and spent all the time cleaning it as it was FILTHY. 

After I spend some time with it, I’ll be deciding what I need first, but right now I’m just happy to be in a Mustang again. Here are some quick pics after a quick clean up  







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Seriously:  Welcome, nice car (even if it only seats two fairly comfortably). :) 

Oh, most importantly, congrats on the kids.

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Welcome back Casey! :w00t:

That GT looks good. FR500 DD wheels really make them look hot!

I finally got rid of the Purple GT.

Picked up a 2010 Camaro SS with 16k on the clock. I DD it so it now has 45k miles.

Just a heads, cam, and exhaust car. High 11's so far wit TC on leaving at idle with all season tires.

We'll have to hit the track one day and have some fun. :hyper:

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Thanks for the welcome everyone. As far as the Odyssey, I never thought I’d like a minivan so much but I really do! 



The immediate plans for the Mustang are to address the CEL that I’m pretty sure is from the longtubes for emissions. I think I’ll try some spark plug defoulers or some MIL eliminators. 

The exhaust is also rubbing on the passenger side tire and appears to be missing a hanger on the driver’s side. It’s a new system in great shape though. I need to track down a shifter boot on the interior. I’m also debating on keeping the LM1 cat back or trying to trade it off. 

I’m wanting this to be a cruiser for me and some father sons/daughters time. My 9 year old has some good memories of my old Mustangs and I’d like to continue that with my other kids. 


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6 hours ago, Disney said:

Start planning that 351W swap now!

No swaps!

I do need to address a couple of issues. It’s showing the O2 codes as well as a brake switch code. I’ve also noticed the common TR3650 2nd gear synchro issue. You have to baby it into 2nd while upshifting and downshifting is even worse grinding. I noticed it on the test drive, but chalked it up to me being out of a manual for a few years. 

I’m transferring the tag from my old car so I have until the end of January to sort out the CELs  


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Congrats! You finding any time to work on the car?




Not even close! I traded the Mustang last year for a 98 K1500 which I then sunk a bunch of money into because I missed a lot of things that it needed when I looked at it.

Then last April we bought a house so I sold it to free up some cash. Right now we are down to one vehicle, but after I pay down some debt, I’d really like to get a ‘12+ Wrangler Unlimited. I’d love a Raptor but prices are still sky high on those.

I still lurk and live vicariously through all the projects here.

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Yeah when I saw this on RC Breaking News I was like hey that's my friend Casey!......Congrats man I know you put in some hellacious hours on shift.

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