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One of my bucket list items is going to be scratched off. I am going to SEMA this year. My step sister is the marketing guru for Sherwin Williams automotive division and is in charge of SEMA. Gong with her and my brother in law. Also get to go to a party at Counts Customs and meet the celebrity types. Will only be there for a couple days so I am planning my floor travels early. 

I am going to try and get some show buys as well. 



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Honestly the pics you will find online of the cars and event are better than what I took. Sisters company sponsored the Counts Customs after party. Ill try and post a pic or two. Met most of the guys from counts except for Danny. Guess he doesn't do much public stuff. Met Gene Winfield, and several other folks I have seen on tv but honestly had know idea who they were aside from horny Mike. He is exactly as expected. Must have been close to 3000 invited guest. Also saw Chip Foose, Leno, the group from Street Outlaws. Farmtruck is a dinky dude and big chief is one big SOB. Also saw the diesel bro's and lots of the TV show folks from velocity. I don't get star struck so I didn't ask for any autographs. I did get drunk with the guy who built this truck that was at my sisters booth. He was offered several hundred thousand for it at the show. Turned it down. Many of the cars/bikes are under sponsorship and contracted to be at other events through out the upcoming year. Then they go to auction.



So SEMA is huge, indescribably huge and I only had two days to see what I could. To take your time and actually talk t the reps and ask questions about new products as well a see the show would easily take the whole week. I plan on doing just that next year. Many of the cars are outstanding and details are spectacular. Others, lots of others are WTF? I would say this has to be a bucket list event for any enthusiast . Just be ready for sore feet.


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