Source for gmail colored wires?

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Debating do the full chassis harness from scratch vs a universal panel kit (ie painless)

I googled around but can't find anyone that just sells the labeled and gm coded wiring without a panel/plugs.


I am seriously leaning towards doing a ISO 280 based panel

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On 6/25/2018 at 11:48 AM, Disney said:

What is your aversion to the Painless harness?

mostly it is the cost and the "universal" aspect of it.  Between the Vintage Air and the FAST XFI, GPS speedo drive, Reverse lockout module I will have some none standard wiring going on.  I was planning on relays for the headlights but looks like that is not needed with LED bulbs in the H4 housings.  I had my options down between three choices.

1.  $190 for a speedway 22 circuit kit.  Comes with headlight and dimmer switches

2.  $350 for a Painless 28 circuit kit (panel and wire only no switches)

3. $550 for a Painless pro 25 circuit bulkhead kit.  Pretty complete but comes with a selection of connectors for different GM parts so there will be some leftovers.

I am not sure I need as many "circuits" as these panels supply.  since I am EFI I will need a relay to power my fuel pump and that is also handled from the XFI box.  I am planning a trunkmount battery so the battery cables supplied in the Painless Pro kit are not needed.  

So I ended up with a speedway motors 22 circuit panel kit and will but adding in the connectors I need as I go along.  I do have a couple inline Littelfuse 498 series holders on the way (take a midi fuse and just heatshrink inline to replace fusible links)  For the $350 less then the pro kit I am sure I can supply the rest of the wiring bits needed (jamb switches, dash pigtails, etc) and end up with components I picked out.

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