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On 9/13/2018 at 1:04 PM, Jamtoy said:

Went to the track again wed night. This time to an old racetrack, Thompson Raceway that has been around for a long time. They are known for a national gasser race. 


Anyway, previous best was a 3.26 at 108.0. Last night I went 13.19 at 111.11. DA was about 2600 so not all bad considering. Still need tires, yep need tires. Sixty foots were 2.3..

and car was wheel hopping after hitting second gear. I had forgotten how much fun this is....

I cut a 1.7x 60ft on DSW 09's with TC on.

Fwiw, the DSW 09's suck in cornering. But are a good all season tire that's soft and does well on the drag strip. 

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Also looking at an OMP suede wheel too. Kinda silly to have two but  figure if the car keeps moving in a direction I did not originally intend might as well have a good race wheel.

OMP is not as fun to say. 

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