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2 hours ago, JohnC said:

Welcome back! Where ya been?

Lets see....still bald, still fat and still sexy. Finally graduated last spring with 3 degrees. Two bachelors and they threw in an associates. Now I am back to work running a rotational molding plant about 40 miles from where I live. We make stuff like fuel tanks for Dixie Chopper mowers. Actually where I work is located in Ashtabula Ohio on Lake Erie. Think butt loads of lake effect snow. I don't get to Nashville very often as my son moved up here to live and go to school at Kent State and my daughter goes to UTK. Funny, my son was a freshman and I was a senior at Kent. YES we passed each other occasionally at school. His reaction was priceless.

Still have the 62'. Put an electric power steering unit/cloumn on it over the winter because no power steering started to suck. I think my Dad who is 78 will actually find some interest in driving it too, though he seems to really like the GS. Still go to lots of car shows and plan to take the 62' on some longer journeys this year. I only put about 800 miles on it last summer and that is a travesty! Honestly buying the grand sport kinda sparked my curiosity so here I am. I have had the itch for a long time to build something and get back into driving something relatively fast. But had to slam through school because the gatekeepers demand the paper, so pretty much that has been my focus and even at my age it has proven worth it.

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