2001 Ford Ranger

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Anger update

old rear diff is out, new 8.8 is in, 3:73 gear, disc brakes, rear sway bar and over rider traction bars in progress

the old diff sat under the springs, the explorer diff sits on top so you also get a 4" rear ride height drop as a bonus.


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The progress continues 

had to have a special power steering hose made 

to Change the frame mounts on a front coil spring ranger you have to remove the f--n coil springs.

on the 4x4 and torsion bar models there is room to get to the bolts with out taking stuff apart

the engine is in the truck, but most likely will have to come back out for a mount adjustment.

and yes putting a fully dressed v-8 into a a ranger is tiiiiiight.image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg


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