Beech Bend Tues Aug 29th Track Meet?

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So who's down for a Beech Bend Track Meet?

How about Tues Aug 29th?

@Chris I want some grilled coyote....

@gammey4 Let's see whatcha got....

@Mike Grill-master BBQ's all...

And tag everyone else I missed that you'd think would want to go! :3gears:

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Ill toss $5K into the GT and bring enough fire for both of yall.


oh wait


no I wont...I have too many irons in the fire...and a bun in the oven so thatll never work :(  I wont be able to make it that day anyways so I guess Im stuck on the sidelines waiting for JohnC to get his junk running right and hit the Hill.  If that changes tho Ill send the money over to Mike and toss the radials on and come have some fun!


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