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7 hours ago, Mike said:

I replaced my air intake a couple months ago and I just got around to dialing it in last weekend.  I've noticed my car shifts much more consistently when driving to and from work.  I already knew that the trans relies heavily on maf data to shift properly, but didn't really think much of it because it always shift pretty good.  I didn't think with all the stuff I've done that it could shift better, but now it does.  I assume I did a better job dialing in the maf curve at low hz than previous tuners did.  I know I spent a lot more time on it.

I say this because remember where your maf element is in the intercooler?  Unless DBR moved it, there's no way it's getting a consistent signal.  If your car is tuned like mine, there's no way it would shift consistently with the maf in the side wall of the intercooler.  Look at having that fixed as part of your next round of stuff.

I'll look in to it.

Is there a block off plate for the MAF in the intercooler?

I forget where the MAF was on the factory setup, but how far from the TB should it be? 

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Just buy a new sensor and leave the old one in the intercooler.

The sensor should be in the middle of the longest straight section of tube and the tube needs to be large enough that the air speed doesn't max out the sensor.  Distance from the throttle body doesn't matter.

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