2010 Camaro SS

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Yeah somethins gotta give.  You will be draining those catch cans every fill up at this rate.  Better than sucking it back into the intake but hopefully there is something you can do about it to slow it down some!


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I was reading and someone said this about the passengers side valve cover:


That line from the valve cover to the TB enters on the air filter side of the throttle blade. 
When the engine runs at moderate throttle or coasting it pulls from the PCV line but at wot the crankcase pressure exits the valve cover into the TB. 

I've checked it with a vacuum gauge, the pass side valve cover hose pulls vacuum because the pcv line is sucking the crankcase but at wot it puts out positive pressure, and I'd assume oil vapor.

So I need another catch can because i believe that one is sucking more oil than the other pcv line.

How I know is this....

When I put it back together the first time before doing a new set of gaskets, I had to cut and install a rubber pcv hose to connect the valve cover pcv to the original hose that goes before the tb. I forgot to zip tie the hose down at the valve cover connection. So after a drive, I popped the hood and oil was all over the place around that pcv. I thought it was the valve cover gasket at first hence why I bought a new set and re-did it all.

Someone else also mentioned this:


As far as which can gathers more oil, that depends on the conditions. For normal street driving, the PCV catch can gathers the most oil. When on the road course, the valve cover catch can gathers the most oil.

And then this:


stock pcv valve is made to work with the vacuum stock heads/cam makes. when you lower the vacuum the pcv valve opens much more, and along with it... oil

you need to run a different pcv valve (some are a fixed orifice check this first), or a fixed orifice such that the valley covers have.

catch can obviously a good way to intercept the oil. some people make them with pcv valves built in

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Just as a side note, I put 2qts of oil in the car yesterday (07/06/18) to bring the level back up.

That tells me the majority of oil is being sucked through the passengers side valve cover pcv, not the valley cover pcv.

I'm going to order another catch can for the valve cover pcv and see what goes....

I wish there was a pcv fitting that would stop it from allowing pcv flow from that valve cover to the CAI pipe in front of the TB. That would stop it if it only allowed fresh filtered and metered air in, not out.

That would make it so the only pcv out-flow would be fron the valley cover pcv.

That is assuming pcv is only supposed to flow in the valve cover and out the valley cover.

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Drained the catch can yesterday..... About the same amount as last time with 10-ish days of driving.... Amazing how much oil gets sucked through this pcv system.



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