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I couldn't tell for sure, lots of background noise.  Had lots of questions from children I was showing it to....speaking of, how's your family?

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3 hours ago, Cannon Fodder said:

2 horse power, but how many kits?


I guess like Mule Day, steady diet of steroids and PCP. :lol:

lol, maybe so!


Way more than 2 horsepower I'd think.  I wonder how dragging 5k lbs at 3 or 4 mph equates to HP??  Tractors generally pull* about their own weight, and generally weigh about 10 lbs per HP.  So for a tractor to pull 5k lbs I'd say it would be rated at 50 to

*pulling as used in field conditions, pulling level to the drawbar with limited tire slippage

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