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Long time no update.  Back in the spring when the lockdown started, I got bored, so I tore into my car.  Because I can't leave a good thing alone.

I ported the blower more.  A lot more. 








I also bought a lid spacer.


I did more work in the lid.



I knew it would need more fuel, so I stepped up to ID1300 injectors.  If you read back through, this is my 3rd set of injectors.

I also finally replaced the fist part I put on the car.  The airaid intake was swapped out for a DDP.



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We moved in June and I hadn't touched the car in a few months.  It needed maf tuning and I just couldn't get motivated to get it done until last weekend. 

I went to the hill last night. Typically I can cut 1.4x 60's with the occasional spin later at night once the dew settles in. Last night was awfull.  I spun no matter what.  I doubt they put down any glue.

First pass was a test to get a datalog. I had tuned all of the maf curve up to 9000hz on the street and wanted to do the rest at the track. The car spun instantly off the line and I pedalled it. When I pedal, it usually upshifts to 2nd or 3rd. So it didn't recover well.
60' 1.907, 7.32@103.7

The tune was close, I had to pull 8% across the board in the maf curve above 9k hz. The car runs great with the new DDP intake and a dialed in maf curve (+- 1.5% error). Map was 207kpa in 2800'
DA. I would typically see 201-203 in similar air last year. And g/cyl moved up enough to get me into my safe timing area and only had 20* total. I had some pulled for safety anyway, so I added 2* back in.

Next pass, spun and pedaled again. 1.72 60', 6.89@108.4. A/F was ~1% rich and timing was 23*. In 2800' air I would typically run 107mph on a perfect pass (6.4-6.5 with 1.4x 60'). So with a bad pedaling pass running more mph is a good sign.

Last pass 1.87, 7.15 @107. I left off idle and this was the worst spin of the night.

Overall, the tune is pretty good now. I'll work on adding timing once the weather improves. I'm going to have to go to a better track to get the car to hook. I think there are some 6.2, maybe 6.1's in there doing some ricer math on my 160+ pass spreadsheet.

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Yeah I saw your 7.15 pass crazy.  They sprayed before every elimination round as I was first in line each round and saw/heard it on my tires but it was minimal at best.  I hooked great out there last season in the Shelby and this season I spun my ass off every pass but one...the one I chunked the rear on.  Frustrating to say the least.  Some cars are getting down it just fine but I wasnt thats for sure.


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