What would you hypothetically build? Now with more CTS-V

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Beginning work on the brake cooling duct plates.

Cleaned up the spindle and threw it back on for measurements.


Got some measurements and drew it up in cad.  I'll have a local shop laser cut the backing plate in 18 gauge 304 stainless.  The "appendage" hanging off the bottom is the incorporation of the factory shield that covers the ball joint boot from brake heat.  This plate will replace that part that is currently sandwiched between the bearing and spindle/knuckle.

duct plate.JPG

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Brake ducts continued.

I picked up the laser cut stainless plates today.  Bent them to fit the spindle and they seem to work fine.  I could make the tube cut about 1/8" closer to the spindle, but these will work for now.



And how they fit the rotor


Next I measured for and cut some 3" stainless tube. and tacked it into place.  It won't get anywhere near the sway bar or shock at full lock.  The flex hose should clear nicely.



And how it fits the rotor.



Tomorrow I'll notch the tube where it meets the plate to open that up and build some fillers to close in the kicked up portion of the plate.



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So awesome!  Im about to adapt some 2014 GT brakes to my 66 and it wont be able to run a splash shield...wondering if I should leave em off or make something.  Wont be anything near as awesome as your cooling ducts tho!!!


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