What would you hypothetically build? Now with more CTS-V

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Just working on getting the pump ready to go in.  The bolts holding it to that bracket were red loctited in and I had to weld nuts to it to get them out.  I'm going to make another bracket that uses those 4 bolt holes and two of those rubber isolators to bolt it where the factory pump went.  I also made a new plug and play harness.





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A little fab work from yesterday.  My headers have gotten to where they leak at the collector all the time.  I can tighten them up and they are quiet for about 2 weeks then they sound like an old truck.  So, I cut them off and I'm welding V-bands on instead of the ball and socket.  I got as far as getting the headers bolted back on last night.  I'll modify and weld up the x-pipe tonight.

If you look close you can see where the flange was sliding up/ deforming the ball on the header.  They moved a little each time, just getting worse and worse.  The flange piece needs a bevel on it to distribute load, but what can you expect for $2k headers. :smirk:












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BTW... What brand headers were those again?

I noticed Kooks went to a different clamp setup. Probably to stop that from happening.

IMG_2727 (Edited).JPG

Hope the new style don't leak!


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The X-pipe is fit up and half welded.  I'll finish welding it this week.  I'm going to weld up all the joints in it also because each one leaks a little bit.  I'm also going to put some wide band clamp on the X to stock muffler joint so hopefully that will seal that joint completely.  If not, that might get V-bands also.







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I made my intercooler pump mount tonight.  No shot of the cad, but I drew it up there first and printed it 1:1.

Then taped to some .090" 5052 aluminum.  I marked the hole centers.  And traced the outline.


Drilled the holes.


Then cut it out with a jigsaw.


Then rounded the edges and DA sanded the plate.


Installed the ZR1 pump bushings.


I have to get the correct bolts tomorrow.



It's about the same size as the varimax.


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I'm tackling a project that was low priority last year, but I'm out of the high priority stuff now.  I've suspected the upper control arm bushings were bad for a while.  It's a relatively common problem and they squeak when it's real cold outside.  I actually bought poly bushings last year to do this, but didn't want to mess up the alignment to do them since it wasn't a serious issue.

Tore it down.


I even pulled the spindle/hub for another fabrication project.


Yep, bushings are bad.



New creative steel "street" bushings to go in their place.



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