new 1/4 mile times from the brick wooooooo

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went to a streetcar event at bowling green saturday and couldnt get the boost control right but won 2 out of 3 classes i entered and came in 2nd in the 3rd class. if my 60ft and 1/8th mile were where they should be it would have been a 8 second pass easy

made 12 passes and lost one race. had too light of springs in the wastegates so they were opening on the transbrake and not holding down the track.

still a pretty good day considering every pass was 9.70 or better and those passes were letting out.

also was one of the only fast "streetcars" that actually drove to the track. was about a 3hr round trip

went a personal best of 9.13 at 151

here are some pics for ya. 

and and got to rape a mclaren while we were there



3560 with me in it






this was the race of my life in the domestic final. i won it on a hole shot


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If it would make you feel better, you could sell every part off the blazer for full retail price and use that money to buy a wheel from that McLaren. 


Oh.. Now that I read that.... It probably doesn't make you feel any better. :(

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