My 1982 Toyota "Daily"

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14 hours ago, Disney said:

Question.... Will it do a wheelie?

it does wicked *** wheelies


Seriously it does....clutch needs adjusting as it doesn't fully disengage.


Drove it down the street and back after swapping in my new lift springs.  clutch needs adjusted.  better alignment.  still need to finish up wiring some junk on it which will be the plans for this weekend I think.

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6 hours ago, NukeWorker said:

good news:  passed the PE exam...


Bad news....spider injector leak = gas fuel fire.

It didn't destroy anything did it? 

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On 5/29/2016 at 8:12 PM, JohnC said:

It didn't destroy anything did it? 

not sure how I missed updating this thread!

looming got a bit melty and that was all.

Fought a bad misfire all summer of 2016 (idled fine but would drop cylinders BAD over 1200rpm)  Found that cap was shorting out to a braided fuel line jacket.  rerouted and was tip top after that.

Then picked up a cylinder dropping occasionally and it ended up being a cracked porcelain on #3

Had a thump in the seat and ended up being my driveshaft that was fabbed 1/2" too long and was bottoming out.

Spat the bolts out of a ring gear in the rear axle destroying the e-locker carrier.




Then broke a tooth on a front ring gear out playing around.


Caught a stump at 10mph on a trail with the front axle:




Swapped out the 4.7:1 gears in the rear transfer case for just stock 2.28 ratio gears.

Rebuilt my steering column so I could add a new smaller ujoint to clear a larger double diaphragm booster I upgraded to.

Swapped in my front left springs (all-Pro's) and some GM bumpstops that really smoothed the ride out.

Added a long slip front driveline

Wheeled the **** out of it.


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so we took off on the Washington Back Country Corridor this summer.  700 miles of USFS roads mostly off pavement from Oregon state line to Canada with a couple guys in the club.


by the end of day two it was acting up and we bailed out (Saturday night and were 2 hours from home instead of 6 hours)


Truck still runs like crap.  Keeps getting header leaks on the passenger side header.  I am planning to pull it after the wedding and block it out on a hunk of bare stock or have it planed flat after checking the port match up and putting any weld build up in there it needs.  I know this is killing my O2 readings on that bank big time.  I also need some new valve seals in the 200K motor (got some laying around just need the time)  it is also tossing a P0507 (idle higher than expected) and P0335.  The tierod has contacted the oilpan before and I am wondering if I cracked the plastic timing cover on the 4.3 and/or smacked the crank sensor causing a fault?  Sometimes it runs fine then falls on its face but recovers after a key reset while driving (acts like it is not getting any fuel).  There might also be an issue with the $30 amazon chinese fuel pump I tossed in (yeah more time to get a "name brand" knockoff in it)

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