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I tried to show a guy the website today and it just looked funny we tried it on the Internet Explorer and chrome we couldn't see any of the threads

Sent from the unemployment line.

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I don't doubt it, Disney.

I ran an update this AM and evidently, IPS wrote some bad code. It is causing php processes to run and not close out, so when all those processes hang up, it results in us eating the shit out of server ram, which triggers our hosts to shutdown the fricken thing. It'll freeze up, but if you wait long enough, you'll get to see the error page. :wall:

I've been going back and forth with them about an hour now trying to get it fixed.

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Both sides are blowing the issues off. :wall: 

IPS says it's my host. Their solution, call host and make them fix the server. 

Our host says it's the software running too many php processes, to make our forum software engineers fix their code to not run so my instances of php causing it to max out ram and freeze/shutdown, or as a workaround to get around the software issues was to sale me a new hosting plan with more ram. :shake: 

We had zero issues with php processes and ram, etc., before update, so I think IPS should adjust their code not to hog resources because we're not a huge forum, we have a Linux shared hosting plan that's unlimited (to a point), and there is no way the small traffic we generate could be causing this to happen. :no: 

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