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2006 impala, power rack and pinion.  I'm at least the 3rd person to work on the PS system.  The pump had been replaced a couple of times, and the R&P once.  Customer said it had a leak, fluid was low.  I dyed it, found a small leak around return hose claims and found it to have a pump leak; put an AC Delco reman pump on.   Came back a month later, low.  Dye showed the back of the pump (NOT supply or return lines).  Warrantied the pump/put another Delco reman on.  Because it seemed to take much longer than normal to get the air out of the system I inspected the return/cooler line.  Cooler was rubbed paper thin, no dye showing, but a pick poked right though it.  Cut that hole out and put a compression fitting there.

Studied R&P, dye coming from pinion cover and from LH rack seal.  Replaced R&P.

Drove 20 miles.  Quiet, no fluid loss noticeable.  Pulled 20" Hg vacuum, after a couple hours it was 17". 

Started it up and after reving the engine and steering the wheels back and forth the pump developed the typical "air in fluid" sound.  Sure enough, some air bubbles in the fluid.


Fix it for me.  I quit.

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First, I can't scap GM cars, repairing them has paid for nearly everything I own.

Second, I repaired the cooler's only damaged spot (AFAIK).

How can it hold a vacuum so well and "suck air" so quickly?    I just "over filled" it, maybe someone put the wrong cap (w/dipstick) on it...will look at return side better later.

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