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4 hours ago, ls1adam84 said:

Matt, you sir have one damn nice Mustang!


Spent some time diagnosing a strange vibration when accelerating in a right turn.  Turns out, the driver's side header was ALL over the damned shock tower despite having made some dimples to help it clear.  Motor settled down into its mounts and clears perfect everywhere else.  Pulled it out (HUGE PAIN) and smashed the hell out of it.  Clears real nice now.  I dropped the H pipe down enough to go over my welding job and make sure it was up to snuff along the top side and welded up the crossover pipe that was originally clamped.  Its all together and things should be clearing just fine.  While it was in the air I dropped the steering rack and oil pan to see why its losing oil pressure at WOT and only really comes back if you shut it down and restart. 

Dropped Pan.jpg

Disney thought the pickup was too close to the pan and I couldnt argue so out came the measuring sticks.  Unfortunately everything measures out perfect and I was left scratchin my head...till I saw the WOOKIE sucked up against the pickup screen.


It was directly under the center support so I couldnt see it at first but noticed it when I pulled the pickup from the pump.  It appears to be red fibers...whiiiich is my mistake entirely.  I have a stack of cheapo red rags around and in my attempt to be CLEAN for once I was wiping everything down with em leaving red lint and fibers all over.  Thats my guess at least, but Im also guessing that my oil pressure issues are caused by this sucker.  Noticed the oil pump was cracked where the pickup bolts to it so itll be coming out and replaced as well.  Then things should be good to go and I should have my WOT pressure back!



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Oil pump is in, didnt forget the rod, and got to measuring the pickup one last time and damned if this go round the measurements put it WAY too close to the bottom of the pan.  Little bit of bending and measuring later I got it well within spec and put the pan on for good.  Steering rack is back up and all I need to do is add oil and let it go.  Im going to run it for a day or two then change the oil again just to be overly cautious.  Rather than finishing that up, I decided to play with some new goodies that came in.

Tracked down some V8 spindles and was able to snag one of the Ebay big brake bracket kits.  I would have gone with Mustang Steve's setup as his parts are awesome as is the customer service BUT this kit was way more complete and came with hub, bearings and brake lines.  If the spindles had come with hubs I woulda gone Mustang Steve and made my own lines.  I also snagged a set of take off S197 GT calipers with 0 miles on them.  Im going to mock up a 13.2" rotor and caliper bracket from a 2014 GT and make sure it clears my front wheels.  Another guy with TTII's says they clear his but Im not going to chance it.  If they dont clear, I will get some of the 12.6" rotors and use the brackets my calipers came with.

hub installed.jpg

Take off calipers.jpg

When these are done I can pull the Granada swap off as a complete setup, spindle and all and will likely sell it so someone else can take advantage of it and it not collect dust.



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