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Weather was good, car actually ran really really well all the way to the show, opened the dump valve just up the street and cruised to my parking spot with everyone staring at me.  Got a TON of mixed reactions from that one.  Older "purists" wondering what was broken on my car to make that noise and younger folks knowing exactly what it was.  




Met quite a few fantastic people who had cruised their 60's 6 banger cars from as far as Pennsylvania and New Jersey which was amazing, got to pick apart a few nice cars for ideas on what to do next as well as talk to quite a few people about the turbo setup.  Was also cool to see a T code Fastback for the first time (white next to mine).  Would have liked to have been able to move from there to the Goodguys show but we stayed too late and had to hurry home for a family dinner.  

Ended up breaking down in Smyrna and again in the Boro on the trip home but eventually got it into the garage under its own power and didnt have to walk anywhere which + win in my book.  Car would sputter and die.  Pulled over and the fuel pump sounded funky.  I have a full fuel bowl so I figured even if the pump was acting up I should be able to fire and run till the bowl emptied so I checked spark at the coil and wasnt getting any.  The MSD box and the coil were both blazing hot.  Minute or so later, spark was back and she would fire right up and go.  In the process I noticed the coil post on the distributor cap was loose and could nearly be pulled free from the cap with little effort.  Reminded me how old most of these parts are so new cap, rotor, plug wires and coil are on the way.  Im going to re-route some wiring, check the Alt wiring and make sure nothing else looks suspicious then hope that its happy again.  I wont hold the last minute hiccups against her. it was hot as hell all day and it rocked down the interstate at 75mph with me and two others and a full trunk and didnt think twice till then!

OH...and another small victory, not a single drip, drop or streak of a leak of ANYthing after the day of driving.  That...is...a MIRACLE for me and this car!!!!!!!



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