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I was on the old site (but didn't post a whole lot).


Had a white '98 Camaro back then.  Had swapped out the original v6 and put in a v8, then put a rear mount turbo on it.  It did 130 in the 1/4 at Beech Bend.  While the v6 was still in it, I sprayed it for a while, and then later ran a Powerdyne supercharger on it.   


Traded it for a stock '97 black 'vette.  That was 2 1/2 years ago.  Swore I'd keep it all stock.  Well I made it 2 1/2 years...


Soon it's getting some upgrades:  LS6 intake, LG headers, baby cam, diff brace, bigger radiator.  


Oh yeah, and an A&A supercharger.  :)




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Oh yeah, about that,..  I still need to take those z06 badges off sometime.  It has the wheels and the suspension and the catback, the stick-on rear brake vent screens, and the badges, but it's a hatchback.  They were on there when I got the car.  

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Thanks for the welcome(s)!  


I'm so glad to have the car back on the road again.  It sat in the garage for a long time.  Neutered (80mph speed limiter) when I took the electronic shocks off.  Heat and a/c didn't work.  Drivers window didn't work.  Was definitely not much fun to drive in that condition.


Lately I've fixed up the audio (had aftermarket hu, but still through the bose system, didn't sound very good at all).  I completely bypassed the bose system.  Took the 8" inverted bose speakers out of the doors and put in some 8" three-ways (Lanzar).  Took the 6.5" speakers out of the back and put in 6.5 three-ways (Rockford Fosgate).  And a mini sub (Kenwood) in the back. Won't win any competitions but sounds great, especially compared to what it did sound like... :)


Bought a "knock-off" Tech-2 and took off the F45 option (magna-ride suspension) which got rid of the 80mph limiter.


Put in a NRG hub, NRG quick release, plus a 3" spacer, to get the steering wheel closer to me.  I hate driving with my arms extended out all the way, but have to put the seat all the way back so my knees aren't in the dash.  I like the steering so much better now.


Finally installed the rear-view camera I bought two years ago.  Just lots of little things fixed up on it.  Like fixing the bad contacts in the ignition switch that caused the climate control and the 02 heaters to quit working.  Now I have heat and a/c again.  The drivers window even started working again.  If it goes out again, I'll have to get relays desoldered and replaced in the door control module.


Getting the 80mph limiter off was the first thing.  That broke the logjam.  :D

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