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  1. 1. Which Track for a Friday Night Meet-up and race?

    • Clarksville Dragstrip
    • Union Hill aka Music City Raceway
    • Other. Please suggest it in a post.

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What dragstrip do you all want to meet up at for an un-official StreetnTrack race day? :love:


Who wants to race who?

Race 1

JohnC vs Chris

Edit: Race Day is on May 29th Friday at Union Hill aka Music City Raceway. 

We can make the next meet-up for callouts at Clarksville. :up:

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What does that car weigh slovette?

around 3300+ I'll like to run someone from a dead stop or a lil roll (first ) cause that will make for a great video

(Unless I get drug lol )

I raced a "full boltons" Goat the other day n I didn't even have to shift n race was over :(

From a low roll I would love to get the viper on a video and see what it sounds like :)

who remembers this video from years back ?


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Slovette I still want you man. Next weekend or maybe this one if Tennessee speed sport has the nozzles I need. I want to do a dig.

Ok just let me know

In case I get drug from a dig we can try a 15 roll or whatever. .

The viper isn't really that fast

I'm thinking traction /wheel hop etc

Should b running around 100 +in the 1/8 but I know how that works lol...

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I doubt I'll beat you but I'll give it a chance. I'm going to spray at least 250 shot. Might be enough to stay in front of you for at least the 1/8. Is the spot by Nashville speedway in Lebanon still a good place to race?

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i dont play on the street due to my job but any of you can come up to clarksville and get some at the track.

Dem Clarksville boys are fast though. I'm not worthy with my slow junk. :lol:

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I will come to the Hill, Everybody knows my story I guess im to old to race on the street I would like to but all my responsibiltys trump it these days. I only race at the hill becuase I dont wont to drive a hour to race not worth it to me getting old again. All 3 cars are always ready to go thats my goal anyway. 2 weeks notice to meet at the hill would be nice so I can write it in at work. I sound like mayweather negotiating a fight with paquia everything my way. ohh yea we have to to a steriod test.The day of the race.

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Dang...all I got is the slow DD.  I might pick at John and Chis tho if I can make it out AND if a couple little gremlins decide to go away for good.  Thought I got a tank of bad gas making the car cut up from time to time but yesterday she cut down to 2 cylinders, tossed up an injector malfunction code on 1 and 3.  Limped the car home, shut it off and the outside parking lights were on and wouldnt go out.  Called Ford and told em I was gonna have it towed over but before I called the tow truck I hopped in to try and get the lights to go out.  Car fired up perfect and is acting like it never happened.  Hell, even the damned codes are gone and I cant even see any trace of them using my Cobb accessport  :rolleyes: .  Car runs perfect now so Im hoping itll stay that way for another 30K miles!


ANYways, back to the callout thread...once the 66 is back up and running I might have to try and dial it in for some dig races at the Hill.  Before the teardown it was only worth a flip from a rolling start but Ide like to get that sorted out and start poking some small block guys.



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