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As some (very few) of you know, I picked up an 08 ZX-10R back in January. It had been down and needed some fairing work to get it back to being a nice bike. PO said he had priced it all and it was about $500 bucks to get OEM stuff back on the bike. I drove out to bum **** to pick it up and brought it home one rainy Sunday night. The next Saturday, I started the tear down. 

Boy was I in for a surprise. The "$20 parts on ebay" that it needed quickly became a lot more fucking expensive and added up. I came to find out that it had been half *** put together to get it back on the road. Zip ties and broken plastic everywhere My wallet was unhappy. But several merchants on eBay welcomed me with open arms. 

I won't go through all the horse **** I had to do to get this bike where it is now, but Let's just say I wasn't too happy when I promptly tripled the $500 estimate. I've had bikes before, and know that OEM stuff is the way to go. I could have bought some bullshit ABS stuff to repair the bike, but I'd still be fighting fitment and such. 

Mods are as follows. 

-1 front sprocket
1/5 throttle insert
k&n air filter

cat delete and a jardine gp slip on (M4 street slayer on the way)
secondary butterflies removed
lowered an inch or so on vortex lowering links





I'll flash the ECU and tune it if I decide to keep it. Still tossing around the idea of selling it to buy a newer car and do some stuff around the house.


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A not so short list of what I replaced or put on the bike:


right side tail section

center tail section

gas tank 

right side mid fairing

splash guard

inner fairing trim piece

full bolt kit to replace a few broken screws

both mirrors since some jackass cut the wires


headlight/fairing stay

upper center fairing 

air filter

front tire

oil and filter change

militant moto drag bars



I also painted the entire bike black instead of the factory black with a bluish flake. As well as ditching the factory secondary paint color of an almost anthracite color and going flat black. I still have a few more pieces to paint, but you don't notice them when i'm pulling on you or blowing by you. 


I'm planning on going back to factory sprockets to get my speedo right, unless I can get a good deal on a speedo healer. New chain and rear tire will also be in the next few months if it doesn't sell. 

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If you decide to sell it a guy I work with is looking for a zx10.


everything has a price. mine happens to be 7k. 

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Nice Kawi! Bike looks great! :yes:

Forget the house, sell it and buy a Fox Mustang and LSx 5.3 it with big turbo, or if your rich, Coyote swap with turbo! :up:

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Is it fast ?


not at all. i ditched the 998cc engine and installed a 5hp briggs motor. 


I think Slovette wants some! :lol:


everyone wants a piece of a bike. 

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