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Hello from Tazewell Tennessee

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Just wanted stop in and say hi! Name is Lee Miracle from Tazewell Tennessee. Originally from Pontiac Michigan! Here is a couple of our rides..

I have a 72 Monte Carlo with a 427" sbc all stock type suspension with bmr fab anti roll bar ect....

My 03 lt1 z28  street car with a lil nitrous and all the bolt ons..

My pops 98 Z28 Ls1 car with Heads cam intake headers and bunch of other mods..   Thanks for lookin..










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sorry fellas its a 93 z28 with hell I dont believe they made a 2003 camaro .. The last year was 02 roght?

Yes sir, until the new 5th gen. Good looking cars

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Thats the longest upper radiator hose I have ever seen, The monte carlo is a super cool car I really like that bodystyle. The distance between the motor and radiator is crazy I wish I had kinda room under the hood. I have to closely watch everything from rubbing.

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