Memorial Mustang Cruise for murdered couple with Atlanta Classic Mustang Club

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Like the title says, the Atlanta area Classic Mustang club is putting together a Memorial Cruise for the Atlanta couple that was murdered by someone claiming to have a 66 Mustang for sale.  Heres a link for those who may not have heard about it.




Anyways, my Mustang is down for the count or else Ide look at making the 4 hour drive down to join in...thought Ide pass the word on if nothing more than to gain a couple more prayers for the family.  Info from one of the members putting the cruise on is below.





All Atlanta area Classic Mustang owners(or anyone who wants to travel to the area) - please contact me if you are available on Monday February 2nd. We are planning a memorial for the couple that was murdered while chasing their dream Mustang. More details to follow. Best way to contact me is via email: mvaldez.ct@gmail.com or via facebook @www.facebook.com/cruisertown



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