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LS engine oil/coolant loss

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looks like I could throw a 6.0 in for $1k

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As long as everything drops in. You may have to rearrange some cam/knock sensors etc but not that difficult and won't increase cost that much. Make sure reluctor wheel is correct or you'll have to work around that too. Probably not the best site for info but it was a quick google.

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FWIW, a woman with a high miles LS engine was loosing coolant, turned out it was the notorious LS head crack.  It was not a terribly fast leak, and she had NO money to repair, so I pulled the O-ring off the "radiator cap" so it would not build pressure.   That was springtime.  She told us the other day "I don't know what you did, but it hasn't used any more coolant!"  (She was thrilled.)

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