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got most of the wiring taken car of today and got the boost contoller/wideband installed and wired. also got the micro fully wired in. still have to wire the fans and get the turbo back on and i can fire it up


now if only i can figure out how to set it all up lol













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Seems you are turning your "slow" blazer into a beast! I still want know when can I drop of the vette for a backyard turbo install lol 😆

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well i was hoping to fire it up today but i messed up and grounded the micro to the driver instead of the pass head so my crank sensor that i plugged into the cam sensor plug now doesnt reach so i have to tear a whole bunch of **** back apart to try and fix it.


i wanna burn it to the ground lol

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no secrets here also


new turbo specs


Wheel Dimensions:
Compressor: 74.7 mm inducer, 100.8mm exducer, with exclusive Extended Tip Technology.  
Turbine: 83 inducer, 74 mm exducer. Cast in Inconel 713 for high-temperature operation.
Compressor: .63, with 5.0" hose-type inlet, and v-band-type discharge.
Turbine: T6 110 A/R, with 'divided' volute, featuring 'T6-style' turbine inlet flange (4.438"x2.75"), and quick-release v-band discharge flange.
old turbo
  • Compressor:
  • Trim: 69
  • A/R: .66
  • Inducer: 68.7
  • Exducer: 97.8 

  • Trim: 92
  • A/R: 1.05
  • Inducer: 87.4
  • Exducer: 77 

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