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yeah i have some people getting on board to help out for next year. gonna be a forged rod, piston crank iron 370 with twin billet 78/75's


Going to be in the 7s now

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sorry i havent updated in awhile. been planning the rebuild and collecting parts. what do you do when you go 5.30s and no one buys your truck. blow it up and start over hahahahaha. got my new build plan in order and have stuff being built.

the new setup will be a forged iron block 370" with stock 799 heads and nice ljms custom cam and johnson lifters. should be 10.3:1 comp

have a new jakes stg3 th400 being built

just got my new billet 78/75 turbos and wastegates and bov's from viren at vs racing. once the motor gets done we can start building the new kit.

also bought a set of front and rear menscer custom shocks.

i will end up putting new fenders on the truck and repainting the truck also.

shooting for a 7 second street driven SUV

here are a couple pics for you guys. probably wont get to much work till after the 1st of the year









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1 hour ago, cookmaster30 said:

lol. will be the same color. i am too lazy for a full color change.plus everyone knows the brick orange

Yeah, I wouldn't change the color. Don't know how else to put it, but It's just THE color for this thing. :yes:

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well it has been forever since this was updated. still waiting on the motor to be finished but i have spent a ton of money since the last post.

bought a high ram with a 417 2000hp a2w intercooler, bought a badass set of rc components beadlock wheels and got the rad and turbo setup just about done. here are some pics of progress








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kinda lol. had to pull the trans this morning do to the valve body messing up. hope the new one comes quick cause it has to be on the trailer fri afternoon to head to scott clarks tuning class.

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