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Update: Car is still sitting. Had a lot going on lately but I'm ready to get this thing out of the garage but I need some help to get this thing back on the road. If anyone is looking for some side work I will be more than happy to discuss.  Engine/trans is out of the car and everything was bagged/labeled when pulled. Had the cylinders honed and re-assembled with stock parts and ARP rod bolts but I don't have much confidence in the machine work that was done and would like someone to double check the block. 

Not opposed to a shop either since it will also have to be tuned for the heads/cam setup. My wife would be ecstatic to get a parking spot in the garage for Christmas. :lol: 

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2 hours ago, JohnC said:

@Disney and @Mike are the best LSx guys I know. :yes:

One of them might be able to help you out.

I wouldn't let anyone else touch my junk to be honest. :love:

I emailed Vengeance just to see what they would say but never got a response. Got married last year and paid all my debt off (other than the house) and I've been dying to have something fun again. 

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7 hours ago, JohnC said:



7 hours ago, JohnC said:


On 9/11/2018 at 9:02 AM, Disney said:

I'd be interested in putting it back together. Would be fun.

I knew we talked a couple of years ago about it but wasn't sure if you had any interest. I'll pm my number so we can discuss. So apparently I never posted this and just sent you the PM anyways.

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