Foxbody Mustang Restoration Finally getting busy on Nathan's foxbody...

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You wont have any issues runnin me down.  Auto, light weight, Fox platform so hookin up wont be hard.  I just got this car faster than the BlueCoupe was...and now its back for vengeance LOL


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11 hours ago, Nostalgic1 said:

I’m coming for you, John!  You’ve got the coupe in hp/tq but I think it’ll make up for it in weight.



Weight has got me. You'll win!

But in the rwhp war, I should be making around 500 whp. If you look at my dyno, the operator shut it down early and HP dropped off way early. I have an issue someplace because that chart should have kept building HP all the way to 6,800 rpm's.

Once I solve that, I'll win the dyno trophy! :love:

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